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December 20,1993 is my lucky month,day and year. I'm in legal age. Islam is my faith. I'm an ob gyn IN THE FUTURE.

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Group Health Teaching! :))

Ang kyot ko nuh? ay, Joke. I mean kami pala. Sarreh! :”> rotation 4 namin yan. Last rotation na for the first semester. Napaka-memorable and fun to be with the Clinical Intructors, [A] team, some section C and mostly with the people in Bat compund. We had our first health teaching. 3 days lang ang preparation but we’ve done it successfully. Napakasaya and the evidence? see naman sa taas. Obviously! :))

And y’know wha, habang nagpipicture kami nyan halos naga-embrace na yung mga bata saakin. Izzzwear bah! Pero it’s okay. Bagong ligo naman sila. 

We want to thank the people in our area. They didn’t fail us. They were too nice to welcome us in the first week. I thank my client and the wife, they were so hospitable. Thank you sa mga food na libre ni ma’mam mariano and ma’am malong. And I wished na ganito rin ka-enjoy ang rotation namin next sem and sa mga susunod pa. 

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